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Everyone I met on the internet liked my bangs so much. They say I’m really cute, especially when I smile. What they don’t know is that I’m fully aware of it and I use it to lure potential cyber sex mates.

I am blonde, and I’ve got perky pointy tits and a lovely round firm ass. And a lot of guys really like to see my ass gets fucked. The thing with me is that I am a smiler. I always smile because I’m a happy go lucky type of girl.

I was chatting with all types of people. Young (18 and above), old, men, women, nerdy, pervy, and whatever type of people you can think of… I chat with them. One time there’s this guy who told me that he wanted to fuck my ass or at least see it get fucked. Without any word, I took out my lavender dildo and shoved it in my ass. Of course, with a smile.

I showed him that I really love anal fucking. After I was done with my butt, I transferred the dildo from my ass to my pussy. I love the sensation I get from my sex toy every time it slid in and out my very wet cunt.

After a great orgasm I put my dildo in my mouth tasting a mixture of my sweet pussy juice and the bland taste of my ass. I gave my dildo a blowjob while I stroke my clit until I reached another orgasm. Of course, there’s a smile on my face. A smile which signifies satisfaction. I really love fucking my dildo.

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